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15 Gift Ideas We Love for Your Kid’s Easter Basket

As springtime approaches, families eagerly anticipate the joyous traditions of Easter, from decorating eggs to the ever-exciting Easter egg hunt. At the heart of these celebrations lies the cherished tradition of assembling Easter baskets, brimming with delightful treats and surprises for children to discover. In this article, we delve into the art of crafting the perfect Easter basket, offering a plethora of creative ideas to ensure a memorable holiday for kids of all ages. From classic candies and painted eggs to whimsical toys and themed treasures, these 15 unique suggestions promise to inspire endless Easter joy and excitement!

1. Traditional Candy

For a classic Easter basket, start by selecting an array of colorful candies, including chocolate eggs, jelly beans, and marshmallow treats. Arrange the candies neatly in the basket, layering them for an attractive display. Consider adding some decorative touches such as colorful ribbons or Easter-themed stickers to adorn the basket. To add an extra element of surprise, hide a few small toys or trinkets among the candies for the kids to discover. Finally, wrap the basket in cellophane and tie it with a festive bow to complete the look!

2. Painted Eggs Kit

Creating painted eggs can be a fun and engaging activity for kids during Easter. Include a kit with everything they need, such as hard-boiled eggs, non-toxic paint, paintbrushes, and stickers for decorating. Provide a variety of paint colors to inspire creativity, and encourage kids to experiment with different designs and patterns on their eggs. To make the activity even more special, you can also include some Easter-themed stencils or glitter for added sparkle. Once the eggs are decorated, carefully arrange them in the basket, lining it with colorful tissue paper for a festive touch.

3. Stuffed Animals

Choose a plush bunny or chick to serve as the centerpiece of the Easter basket. Select a soft, cuddly toy in vibrant colors to capture the excitement of the holiday. To enhance the presentation, nestle the stuffed animal in the center of the basket, surrounded by colorful Easter grass or shredded paper. You can also add some smaller plush toys or animal figurines to complement the main stuffed animal. Consider tying a ribbon around the neck of the plush toy or attaching a small Easter-themed tag to personalize the gift.

4. Outdoor Toys

Incorporate items that encourage outdoor play and exploration. Include bubbles, jump ropes, or sidewalk chalk to inspire kids to get outside and enjoy the spring weather. To make the outdoor toys even more appealing, package them in a sturdy bucket or tote bag that kids can use to carry their toys to the park or playground. Consider adding some sunscreen or sunglasses to protect them from the sun while they play. You can also include a small snack or juice box to keep them fueled up during their outdoor adventures.

5. Books

Select a selection of age-appropriate books with engaging stories and colorful illustrations. Choose books with themes that celebrate springtime or Easter, such as stories about bunnies, chicks, or springtime adventures. Arrange the books in the basket, stacking them neatly or standing them upright for easy browsing. Consider adding some decorative touches such as ribbon bookmarks or Easter-themed bookplates to personalize the gift. Encourage kids to curl up with a good book and let their imaginations soar.

6. DIY Craft Kits

Include a DIY craft kit to spark kids’ creativity and imagination. Choose a craft kit such as friendship bracelet making, painting, or origami that aligns with their interests and abilities. Provide all the necessary materials and instructions to complete the craft, including beads, thread, paint, or paper. Encourage kids to explore their artistic side and experiment with different colors and techniques. Once they’ve finished their creations, they can proudly display them or give them as gifts to family and friends.

7. Stickers and Temporary Tattoos

Kids love to decorate and express themselves, so include a variety of stickers and temporary tattoos in the Easter basket! Choose stickers featuring Easter-themed designs such as bunnies, eggs, and flowers, as well as their favorite characters or animals. Provide temporary tattoos in fun shapes and colors that kids can apply to their arms, hands, or cheeks for a temporary flair. To keep the stickers and tattoos organized, you can include a small sticker album or storage container in the basket.

8. Toy Cars or Trucks

Add some small toy vehicles to the Easter basket for endless hours of imaginative play. Choose a variety of cars, trucks, and other vehicles in bright colors and fun designs. Consider including vehicles that are compatible with existing play sets or tracks for added versatility. Arrange the toy cars and trucks in the basket, lining them up in a row or stacking them on top of each other for a dynamic display. Encourage kids to create their own races and adventures as they zoom around with their new toys.

9. Coloring Books and Crayons

Foster creativity and artistic expression with coloring books and crayons featuring Easter-themed designs. Select coloring books with intricate patterns or scenes that will captivate kids’ attention and provide hours of entertainment. Pair the coloring books with a fresh set of crayons in a variety of vibrant colors to inspire kids to bring their creations to life. Consider including a few Easter-themed stickers or stencils to add extra flair to their artwork. Once they’ve finished coloring, they can proudly display their masterpieces or share them with friends and family.

10. Stress Balls

Provide some quirky stress balls to add a touch of fun and relaxation to the Easter basket. Choose stress balls in playful shapes and bright colors that will appeal to kids’ senses. Consider including a variety of textures, such as squishy, bouncy, or stretchy, to provide different tactile experiences. Encourage kids to squeeze, toss, and play with the stress balls to help them unwind and release pent-up energy. To add an extra element of surprise, you can hide the stress balls among the Easter grass or tissue paper in the basket for kids to discover.

11. Spy Glasses

Add an element of mystery and intrigue to the Easter basket with spy glasses for imaginative play. Choose spy glasses with tinted lenses or built-in mirrors that allow kids to see things from a different perspective. Encourage kids to use their spy glasses to embark on secret missions and solve mysteries around the house or backyard. Consider including a small notebook and pen for kids to jot down clues and observations as they play detective. To enhance the spy theme, you can also include some pretend spy gadgets such as invisible ink pens or fingerprint dusting powder.

12. Movie Merchandise Toys

Include movie merchandise toys like Harry Potter-themed items to delight young fans. Choose toys such as wands, action figures, or collectibles featuring their favorite characters and magical creatures from the wizarding world. Arrange the toys in the basket, displaying them prominently so kids can admire their favorite characters. Consider including some themed accessories such as wizard hats, spellbooks, or magical creatures to enhance the play experience. Encourage kids to reenact their favorite scenes from the movies or create their own magical adventures with their new toys.

13. Puzzle Games

Stimulate kids’ minds with small puzzle games that offer a fun challenge. Choose puzzles with age-appropriate difficulty levels and colorful designs that will captivate kids’ attention. Consider including a variety of puzzle types such as jigsaw puzzles, brain teasers, or 3D puzzles to keep things interesting. Provide clear instructions and hints to help kids get started, and encourage them to work independently or collaborate with friends and family to solve the puzzles. Once they’ve completed the puzzles, they can feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in their problem-solving skills.

14. Silly Putty or Slime

Tap into kids’ fascination with sensory play by including silly putty or slime in the Easter basket. Choose putty or slime in bright colors and interesting textures that kids will love to squish, stretch, and mold. Consider including some glitter or confetti for added visual appeal and sparkle. To prevent a mess, package the putty or slime in small containers or resealable bags before placing them in the basket. Encourage kids to explore the unique properties of the putty or slime and experiment with different shapes and designs.

15. An Abracadabra-Theme Basket!

Create something even more on brand with an Easter basket that shows your love for the greatest costume store ever! At Abracadabra NYC, we have tons of gifts and accessories to decorate your basket if you’re already waiting with anticipation for Halloween, or just want to make your Easter basket a little more gothic and spooky-looking! Add some fake spider webs around the basket and handle, and throw in some fun and spooky decor that’s great to display on a desk, wall, or coffee table, and maybe even a classic movie collectible or two, and you’ve got yourself an Easter basket unlike any other!