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Abracadabra #1 in Kid’s Guide to New York City!

Abracadabra NYC has long been seen as the quintessential spot in New York City for the unique and unusual. It’s the ultimate destination during the Halloween season. We are supplied with the most hair-raising and formidable merchandise. As a result, people forget just how kid friendly and good spirited our business can be!

Recently highlighted in the upcoming book 111 PLACES FOR KIDS IN NEW YORK THAT YOU MUST NOT MISS, authors Evan Levy and Rachel Mazor single out our idiosyncratic shop as the place “Where every day is Halloween!” And who loves Halloween more than anyone else out there?? Kids!

Rachel Mazor is an English teacher in an NYC independent school, where she loves leading students along Holden Caulfield’s journey around Manhattan. She enjoys introducing her two children to all of the wonders New York has to offer, but she has a special appreciation for her home borough of Brooklyn. On a hot summer day, she can usually be found cooling her feet at the Splash Pad in Prospect Park. Evan Levy runs fable & lark: storied adventures, which offers interactive museum tours and scavenger hunts inspired by great stories. She loves constantly discovering new parts of New York City, where she lives with her family. She is on a quest to try every kind of donut in the city, no matter how long it might take.

City kids and visiting families alike know there’s no better place for children than the Big Apple, and 111 Places for Kids in New York shows you where to take a big bite. From ultra-hip hangouts for the most urbane toddlers to natural wonders hiding in the middle of the concrete jungle, the five boroughs of New York offer children the richness and diversity of the world with the beloved traditions of home. In New York, you can explore the globe, from a Sri Lankan courtyard to a gritty parkour park to a quaint New England town ― all with a swipe of a Metrocard.

With this guide, you will be inspired to explore new neighborhoods, treat the kids in your life to unbelievable experiences, and make the city your own. You’ll discover places and spaces you never knew existed, and rediscover familiar ones in new ways. Read up on helpful tips by been-there-done-that parents (psst ― do you know where exhausted parents can bliss out on AC while their toddlers get friendly with baboons?). And learn insider secrets for ways to make the most of your visit to the parks, museums, restaurants, and adventures that make this metropolis so special and so inviting

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With the advent of the internet, in store shopping around the world has slowed down. Fortunately, there are a lot of us that still desire the touchy feely experience of the tangible world of retail. And the writers of this book noticed the unique niche Abracadabra had in the urban jungle of New York City offerings. With the assorted stores and businesses that the Big Apple has to offer, Abracadabra stood out to them as a distinctive shopping experience.

Abracadabra is the only business represented in the book that gives kids the chance to explore fashion. Our elaborate collection of costumes. masks, make up, and accessories must have earned a Gold Star in the realm of kiddom. We’re eye candy! A kid could stay here ALL day to experiment with their persona. Their playful or dark side even. Levy and Mazor recognized that!

You have to check out this reference manual not only for the exciting opportunities it offers for a child’s Big Apple experience, but for the fact that Abracadabra NYC is NUMBER ONE in the publication! We’re alive and thriving and proud to be The World’s Most Unique Store in the Heart of New York City! Thank you Rachel Mazor & Joost Heijemenberg for thinking of us. We truly appreciate you including us in this great book for kids.