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Abracadabra NYC!

Halloween 2021 at Abracadabra NYC, the world’s most unique store in the heart of New York City, was like a Jack O’ Lantern UP IN FLAMES! Sales raised the roof, and customers lined the block waiting patiently just to get inside the store!

The iconic Michael Myers mask. Everyone knows it, and everyone’s scared of it. This year’s release of the latest installment to the legendary franchise, HALLOWEEN KILLS (2021) created an uncontrollable buzz for the central spook’s creepy persona.

The latest in vogue Halloween fashion was the desire for everything Squid Game (2021). It’s an undeniable cultural phenomenon. The show inspired a handful of popular and likely to become classic mask styles. Even the show’s red jump suit sold out days before October 31st.

Abracadabra is unusual, but always accessible. Not only is it the most original store in New York City, it’s also the most fun to explore. Our rental department contains beautiful costumes designed in Hollywood quality. The most popular look this year was the 1920’s, and apparently that’s a perpetual recurrence. Flapper styles were a hit, and Colonial-era garments rented more than any others.

Knick Knacks

Abracadabra had an incredible surge in customer loyalty post original Pandemic hysteria in 2020. That year, the Halloween holiday was a lonely time for the coolest store in Manhattan. Like everyone else, we were quarantined; reveling in a year that couldn’t end quick enough.

But we’re back in a big way! Abracadabra has ALL of your holiday needs– especially for someone like your drunk Uncle!! We’re beyond the run of the mill Halloween store, as every other Holiday is just as important to us.

Novelty items like stinky candles and hilarious coffee mugs are lining our shelves. Our magic section promises numerous hours of fun for kids and adults alike. The magician’s boxes we sell, from Chris Angel to the newest from master Shim Lin, engage a buyer for weeks to months of beyond- imagination entertainment.

Celebrity Sightings

Abracadabra is a Manhattan phenomenon. Even the celebrity count is memorable. Drew Barrymore is a regular. She favors our wig section and wig specialist Tony! Screen legend Sigourney Weaver was smart enough to come in when she had the idea to create her kids’ costumes herself. She had access to prosthetics, contacts, and crazy phantom wings to complete the ensembles.

Neil Patrick Harris came in during our Halloween mania just to find the right accessories for his daughter’s costume. He was mesmerized by the selection. I heard him talking on his phone: “You need to see this place. It’s so cool. They have everything.” Thanks Mr. Harris! We think you’re pretty cool too.


The makeup department had a very interesting year as well. George Clooney’s assistant came in and wanted to be made up entirely as Machine Gun Kelly. He asked to be recreated in the exact tattoos sported by the popular modern rapper. And that’s what he got! If you’re looking for authenticity, the makeup people at Abracadabra know their stuff. They are consummate professionals at the top of their game.

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