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Best LGBTQ+ Father’s Day Gifts

The month of June brings us a whole slew of holidays to celebrate. Pride is in full swing all month long, summer officially begins, and Gemini’s get their day in the sun. But don’t forget about Father’s Day, the one day out of the year where the dads, daddies, and daddios can feel appreciated for all they do (not to mention all the single mom’s that gotta take on both roles).

With both pride and Father’s Day being within the same month, we’ve made a list of a bunch of great LGBTQ gift ideas you can snag for your parents, or maybe just for that one guy in your life who has really big hands you like so much.

Wild Animal 3 Piece Opposuit

You’ve had the title of resident party animal, now dress the part for it. This bold three piece suit features an all-over black animal print against a psychedelic rainbow wave pattern. Perfect for making a splash at Pride or parties!

This slim fit 3 piece suit features a jacket with 2 button front, 4 inside pockets, 4 button cuff, double vented back, front flap pockets, fully lined, notch lapels, and padded shoulders. Pants feature 2 button-through back pockets, 2 side pockets, belt loops, extra fabric in waistband and seams for tailoring, and zip fly with hook and button closure. 

Beard Dazzled Biodegradable Rainbow Beard Glitter

Calling all bears, daddies, and other unshaven queers who just wanna make it through one day without being mistaken for heterosexual. Set the record anything but straight with this loud-and-proud with this rainbow beard glitter! It’s vivid, sparkly, and much like structural heteronormativity, it’ll eventually break down!

Check out more of our glitter body products for all your shiny needs!

Rainbow Suspenders and Bow Tie

When you need those booty shorts to stay up and you might not have the curves to keep em fit snug around your waist, these suspenders are just the thing to come in handy. No shirt required, either. Keep yourself looking strapping with your chest out feeling fabulous.

Pair it with one of our many bow ties. Match the stripes with a rainbow print or try something bedazzled for some extra flair from the neck up.

Pride Garden Gnome

He’s here, he’s queer, get used to it ’cause no one will wanna sashay away from this jubilant Pride Garden Gnome! This Pride Garden gnome is a tall, glitter beard king who is sure to bring some sparkle to the yard. This gnome is proud to be themselves, unapologetically, always! Celebrate love in your garden, they are happy to be there.

Inflatable Exotic Dancer Kitchen Apron

Look, maybe dad just needs to lighten the mood if things get too hot in the kitchen. You can make cooking and grilling more fun with this Inflatable Exotic Dancer Kitchen Apron! Featuring a hilarious design, this apron will get the dinner party started way before that second glass of wine. Just make sure your guests don’t too carried away and get a little handsy.

Mustache Bottle Opener Key Chain

We already got a opening line for this one: “I mustache ask you, do you need help with that bottle?”. Use that line at your discretion, but this mustache bottle opener should be your new go to for popping bottles at your next get together! Mustache wax not needed.

The D Inappropriate 3D Dick Card

Hey, maybe he doesn’t like to make Father’s Day a big thing, so usually cards are an easy go for a gift. And this card is certainly a big thing itself. Give him a real load of a surprise that’ll be sure to make him glad you came…over…to celebrate him…yeah? And yes: It comes in black.

Tony The Tiger Plush 3D Slipper Medium

It is universally accepted that Tony the Tiger is by far the most Daddy of all the cereal mascots out there, so much so that the official Twitter account still gets incredibly thirsty tweets asking for Tony to “frost them” in a number of ways we’ll refrain from describing here. So make no mistake, wearing these Tony the Tiger slippers are a sure sign he will keep those paws warm, and let everyone know who’s the Big Daddy of the house, not just

Nobody Knows I’m Gay Giant Mug

Another long day of blending in with heterosexuals? Mistaken for one, even? Grab a Nobody Knows I’m Gay Giant Mug to set the damn record not-straight! This mug is the perfect gift for anyone who is already very much OUT of the closet. No, seriously, please don’t give this to anybody still in the closet.

In the event this might be too obvious, maybe try something just as fun like this Ray of F***ing Sunshine Mug. Because nothing says pride and Father’s Day like teasing the person you love on the little monster they can be before their morning cup.

And if that’s not their style either, don’t worry. We have plenty more styles of funny coffee mugs for just the right fit for your person.

Faces Of Horror T-Shirt

Who are we if we don’t suggest something horror-adjacent? This unisex t-shirt has the big 4 slasher icons: Freddy Kreuger, Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers, and Leatherface, all spliced together in colored bars that we think is perfect for a horror fan to show some real pride this month in more ways than one!

Heart Shaped Sunglasses

There’s a few of styles of sunglasses we’re gonna list here. But we just wanted to start off with a tried and true classic. Heart shaped lenses and a gold frame. Nuff said.

Now if they want something that pops a bit more, we suggest these Dripping Splatter Sunglasses. They got a real oogey-gooey love vibe that’s perfect for someone who’s just melting with charisma and Daddy energy.

And if they still need some eyewear that gives more c***, these Revo Lens Flame Sunglasses might just be the ticket. Daddy’s gonna be burning the roof off and breaking necks with these ones.

Don’t let us stop you from finding the perfect pair. Give a look at all our collection of sunglasses today!