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Most Popular Animal Costumes For Halloween And Cosplay

It’s probably no surprise that we’re constantly curious each year about what’s hot for Halloween. Animals in general are always a popular pick, since they make for good group costumes and they usually consist of little else besides ears and a tail. Which is fine, by the way- we actually prefer minimal effort when it means not looking like James Corden doing Bustopher Jones.

But after searching “popular animal costumes“, then analyzing our own sales when Google kept bringing up costumes for pets, we’ve put together a foolproof list of tried-and-true animal looks for all your dress-up needs!


Might seem a little out of left field, but dinosaurs were (nationally) ranked the seventh most popular of all costumes for 2023. Kids will always love dinosaurs, and now, each generation will inevitably have a recent Jurassic Park movie to grow up with. What we can’t explain was why most people specifically favored inflatable T-Rex costumes… they just really blew up (sorry).

Base accessories: Dinosaur (or dragon) tail and dinosaur (or dragon) wings, depending on your dinosaur.

  • Dino. You’ll want a short spiked purple wig, a long purple tail, and a blue pet collar to emulate the famous Flintstones pet. Just remember to keep the collar on at all times- Dino with no collar is just Barney.
  • Yoshi. Yep, Yoshi’s a dinosaur. And somehow, Bowser isn’t? Go figure. His look is pretty specific, but you can pair this handy Yoshi Kit with a green shirt and you’re good to go! For a quick DIY version, you can use green and white face makeup, a short red wig, a green tail, and a red backpack.


“Bunny” and “rabbit” somehow counted as separate animals, so we’re not sure how Playboy Bunnies factor in. But they rank high every year for a reason- the long ears and fluffy tail just look good on everybody! But what you might not realize is just how versatile those ears can be- if you’re not down to wear it with a bodysuit, or you just wanna do a little more with your look, we’ve got a couple other ideas for you!

Base accessories: Bunny ears and a bunny tail.

  • Bugs Bunny. A classic choice for wabbit season- just make sure your bunny accessories are grey. But, you’ll need basically nothing else besides a prop carrot!
  • Lola Bunny. Speaking of Looney Tunes, Space Jam: A New Legacy was another factor in causing rabbit costumes to multiply like… well, rabbits. Her costume is a little more specific, but any white basketball uniform will definitely suffice for Lola.
  • Roger Rabbit. Pair your rabbit accessories with red overalls, yellow gloves, and a giant blue bow tie, p-b-b-bblease!
  • White Rabbit. Alice in Wonderland is also popular year after year, so grab some round glasses and a pocket watch, and you’re good for the tea party in a pinch.


Rabbits and dinos and… bears?? Oh my! It’s currently the 20th most popular search nationally, and we have to assume those were either attempted searches for a chef costume from The Bear or a lot of people went as Cocaine Bear. Between that and the recent cinematic debasement of Winnie-the-Pooh, bear costumes might be skewing nightmarish for a while. We’ve got a few ideas for less threatening bear looks, though!

Base accessories: Any set of small rounded ears, and black nose makeup.

  • Smokey The Bear. Pros: If you don’t have blue jeans or a shovel, a ranger hat labeled “Smokey” is about as low effort/high appeal as a costume can get! Cons: If you smoke, you’re gonna hear the same low effort/low appeal joke all night long.
  • Fozzie Bear. The instantly recognizable combo of a brown porkpie hat and a white necktie with pink polka dots is gonna make this costume a wocka-wocka in the park. (Sorry, but it’s not a proper Fozzie joke if you don’t hate us for saying it.)
  • Care Bears. While this makes a downright adorable idea for a group costume, the tricky part of this option is that it requires some DIY. You probably won’t find ready-made bear ears in pastel colors, but you can easily create makeshift Care Bear ears with plain headbands, glue, and jumbo pom poms from a craft store. Then, all you need are printed out belly badges and color-coordinated outfits to tape ’em onto!


Another old standard, cats and Halloween just make sense together. After all, going up to someone’s door and making noise until they feed you, then leaving as soon as the transaction is complete? Peak feline behavior. While black cats are typically the most popular choice for sexy or generic costumes, there’s a whole spectrum of iconic kitties to choose from!

Base accessories: Cat ears and a cat tail. Optionally, you can use eyeliner to draw on whiskers.

  • Cheshire Cat. We told you Alice was popular! A stripey sweater paired with a stripey tail and cat ears should do the trick, but a little face paint for the toothy grin wouldn’t hurt. (There’s even a character kit to get you started!)
  • Hello Kitty. Not technically a cat, but as Sanrio confirmed, she’s not technically a human either! She is the embodiment of kawaii culture, though, and you won’t need much more than white cat ears, face paint, a red hair bow, and some denim overalls to do her justice.
  • Puss In Boots. Even with the enduring legacy of Shrek, we honestly never saw this hit spin-off coming. But we’re pretty happy about it. If you don’t already have the hat and boots from the Jack Sparrow craze of Halloween 2003, just grab those things and pair them with orange ears, a tail and your best sad-kitty-stare.


It doesn’t sound that strange, but think about it: have you ever seen a person you know dress as a spider for Halloween? We honestly think these might be attempted searches for “Spider-man” (ranked #3 in popular costume searches) that were incorrectly grouped as spider costumes for men, but we’ll give it a shot anyway.

Base accessories: If you’re not wearing a full costume, you can buy or DIY spider legs to wear on your back. If that’s too unwieldy for you, you can also get the point across with a spiderweb poncho.

  • Spider-Ham. This unique Spider-man variant was a fan favorite in 2018’s Into The Spider-Verse… and the only one who’s technically a spider! You’ll have to get crafty with felt for for this one. First, cut large triangular flaps out of red felt (about 4″ long), then glue or stitch them on top of a Spider-Man mask. For the nose, cut small teardrop shapes out of black and white felt, making sure to leave the white pieces smaller than the black ones. Glue the white pieces on top of the the black, then glue those to the front of the mask. You could theoretically wear a fake pig snout underneath to get the shape right, but it may be uncomfortable after a while!
  • Arachne. Anybody who’s really into Greek mythology is gonna love this one. All you really need besides a spider costume is weaving supplies! You can wrap yarn around your arms or simply carry a ball of it, or wear knitting needles in your hair… this is one you can really make your own through makeup and accessories! Just don’t brag excessively about your creativity; certain deities might take it personally and punish you for your hubris.


Foxes captivate with their cunning and playful demeanor, often seen as clever tricksters in folklore and modern media.

Base accessories: Orange and white headband with fox ears, a fluffy tail, and face paint for the distinct white and black facial markings.

  • Nick Wilde from “Zootopia”: Wear a green Hawaiian shirt, a tie, and casual pants. Carry a sly, charming attitude.
  • Swiper from “Dora the Explorer”: Blue mask and gloves, with a blue tail. Add a playful, mischievous smirk.


Wolves are a symbol of strength and mystery. They’re often associated with a wild, untamed nature, which makes them a popular choice for those wanting to channel an inner warrior or free spirit.

Base accessories: Gray or black headband with wolf ears, a bushy tail, and some face paint for a fierce look.

  • Big Bad Wolf from fairy tales: Dress in grandma’s clothes for a humorous twist, or wear rugged, medieval clothing for a more traditional look.
  • Jacob Black from “Twilight”: Simple, casual clothing like a t-shirt and jeans. Emphasize the werewolf transformation with wolf-like makeup and maybe even temporary tattoos to mimic Jacob’s tribal tattoo.


Elephants are loved for their gentle giant persona and strong family bonds. They are a symbol of wisdom and loyalty, making them a heartwarming choice for a costume.

Base accessories: A headband with large, floppy ears and a trunk. Gray clothing, and perhaps some face paint to create wrinkles and a wise look.

  • Dumbo from “Dumbo”: A large hat with big, floppy ears attached, and a colorful circus ruffle collar. Add a feather accessory to signify the magic feather from the movie.
  • Horton from “Horton Hears a Who!”: A simple, gray outfit with a speck of pink (to represent the speck of dust). Carry a friendly, caring demeanor like Horton’s.


Peacocks are all about flamboyance and beauty, making them a fantastic choice for those wanting to stand out with a colorful and extravagant costume.

Base accessories: A headband with peacock feathers, a tail of long, vibrant feathers that can fan out, and jewel-toned clothing.

  • Kevin from “Up”: Bright, multicolored attire with emphasis on blues and greens. Construct a large, feathered tail and add quirky, curious expressions to embody Kevin’s adventurous spirit.


Monkeys are known for their playful, cheeky nature. They’re a hit for those who love to channel a fun, energetic, and mischievous character.

Base accessories: A headband with monkey ears, a curly tail, and brown clothing. Consider adding face paint for a cute monkey nose and cheeks.

  • Curious George from “Curious George”: A simple, all-brown outfit with a big yellow hat (as a nod to The Man with the Yellow Hat). Carry a sense of curiosity and playfulness.
  • King Louie from “The Jungle Book”: Orange or reddish fur-like clothing, with a crown to signify his ‘king’ status. Embody a laid-back, jazzy attitude like Louie’s.


Dogs are a perennial favorite for their loyalty and diverse range of breeds. They represent companionship and joy.

Base accessories: Headband with dog ears, a dog nose or black makeup for the nose, whisker freckles, a clip-on tail, and a collar.

  • Blue from “Blue’s Clues”: A blue bodysuit with darker blue spots, and a handy notebook for solving clues.
  • Scooby-Doo: A brown outfit with spots, a tag that says “SD,” and a carefree, slightly scared attitude.


Bees are chosen for their vital role in nature and their cute, buzzy persona. They’re perfect for a sweet, energetic costume.

Base accessories: Yellow and black striped outfit, antennae headband, wings, and perhaps a little stinger attached at the back.

  • Barry B. Benson from “Bee Movie”: A black and yellow striped sweater, casual pants, and a pair of sneakers. Don’t forget the earnest, adventurous attitude.
  • Maya the Bee: A more childlike bee costume with big, expressive eyes on the headband and a friendly demeanor.


Rats, despite their reputation, can be quite cute and clever. They’re a great choice for those wanting a costume that’s a little quirky.

Base accessories: Gray or brown clothing, a long tail, ears on a headband, and some face paint for whiskers and a cute nose.


Horses symbolize freedom and elegance. They are popular for their majestic and strong image.

Base accessories: Brown or black headband with horse ears, a tail, and possibly some hooves for hands and feet.

  • Spirit from “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron”: A wild, free-spirited look with a mane-like wig and a proud, rebellious attitude.
  • BoJack Horseman: A blazer, a blue sweater underneath, and a cynical yet humorous demeanor.


Ponies are chosen for their adorable and gentle nature. They appeal especially to children and those who love cute, charming animals.

Base accessories: Colorful headband with small horse ears, a fluffy tail, and vibrant, playful attire.

  • Ponies from “My Little Pony”: Bright, colorful wigs, unique cutie marks (stickers or painted on the costume), and embodying each pony’s distinct personality.
  • Li’l Sebastian from “Parks and Recreation”: A miniature horse costume with a sweet, beloved demeanor, perfect for fans of the show.


Lizards intrigue with their unique reptilian features and diverse species. They’re a great pick for a more exotic and unusual costume.

Base accessories: Green or brown clothing, a tail, and a headband with small, pointy ears. Consider adding scales with makeup.

  • Pascal from “Tangled”: A bright green outfit, expressive eyes, and a loyal, protective attitude.
  • Rango: A Hawaiian shirt, large eyes on the headband, and a quirky, adventurous personality.


Snakes are chosen for their mysterious and often misunderstood nature. They’re perfect for a sly, captivating costume.

Base accessories: A snake-print outfit, face paint for snake eyes, and a tongue accessory.

  • Kaa from “The Jungle Book”: A long, coiling tail, hypnotic eyes, and a sly, persuasive demeanor.
  • Nagini from “Harry Potter”: A dark, elegant outfit with snake-like features, and a menacing, loyal persona.


Dragons symbolize power and myth. They are chosen for their majestic and fantastical appeal.

Base accessories: Wings, a tail, a headband with horns, and scale-patterned clothing. Consider adding claws and fiery breath accessories.

  • Toothless from “How to Train Your Dragon”: A black outfit with large, bat-like wings and a playful, loyal demeanor.
  • Smaug from “The Hobbit”: A regal, intimidating costume with gold accents, and a proud, confident attitude.


Unicorns are beloved for their magical and pure essence. They’re a hit for their mystical and whimsical charm.

Base accessories: A headband with a unicorn horn, ears, a colorful mane (wig), and a tail.

  • Unicorn from “Despicable Me”: A fluffy, white outfit with a single, twisted horn, and an adorable, innocent look.
  • The Last Unicorn: A more ethereal, elegant costume with a flowing mane and a mysterious, noble demeanor.


Giraffes are chosen for their unique and towering presence. They’re perfect for those who want to stand tall and be noticed.

Base accessories: A headband with giraffe horns and ears, a long neckpiece, and a spotted outfit.

  • Melman from “Madagascar”: A tall, spotted costume, often with a neck brace, and a worrisome, kind-hearted attitude.
  • Geoffrey the Giraffe from Toys “R” Us: A friendly, approachable look with a more cartoonish, cheerful demeanor.


Sharks are chosen for their powerful and fearsome image. They’re a great pick for a more thrilling, edgy costume.

Base accessories: A shark fin hat or headband, a gray outfit, and possibly a set of fake, sharp teeth.

  • Bruce from “Finding Nemo”: A friendly shark look with a “fish are friends, not food” badge, and a large, open-mouthed grin.
  • Left Shark from Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance: A comical, slightly offbeat shark costume with a fun, carefree dance attitude.


Sloths are loved for their slow, relaxed nature. They’re perfect for a laid-back, adorable costume.

Base accessories: A brown, furry outfit, a wide-eyed mask or face paint, and slow, deliberate movements.

  • Flash from “Zootopia”: A business casual outfit, exaggerated slow movements, and a dry, humorous demeanor.
  • Sid from “Ice Age”: A more quirky, comical sloth look with an expressive face and a goofy, endearing personality.


Donkeys are chosen for their humble and hardworking image. They’re great for a simple, lovable costume.

Base accessories: Gray outfit, a headband with long ears, a tail, and perhaps some face paint for a muzzle.

  • Donkey from “Shrek”: A talkative, energetic demeanor with a vest and a winning smile.
  • Eeyore from “Winnie the Pooh”: A more subdued, gloomy costume with a detachable tail and a bow.


Chickens are a fun choice for their quirky and amusing nature. They’re perfect for a humorous, lively costume.

Base accessories: A feathery outfit, a beak mask or nose accessory, and a comb headpiece.

  • Foghorn Leghorn from “Looney Tunes”: A large, white and red costume with a Southern accent and a boisterous personality.
  • Chicken Little: A small, cute chicken costume with glasses and an anxious, yet brave demeanor.


Raccoons are chosen for their clever and mischievous image. They’re great for a sneaky, playful costume.

Base accessories: A gray and black outfit, a mask-like face paint around the eyes, and a bushy tail.

  • Rocket from “Guardians of the Galaxy”: A space outfit or a jumpsuit with lots of attitude and a confident swagger.
  • Meeko from “Pocahontas”: A more innocent, curious raccoon costume with a love for snacks and adventure.


Lions are a symbol of courage and royalty. They’re chosen for their majestic and powerful image.

Base accessories: A mane headpiece, a tail, and a golden-brown outfit. Face paint can add a regal touch.

  • Simba from “The Lion King”: A lion cub or adult costume depending on the age, with a noble, adventurous spirit.
  • Aslan from “The Chronicles of Narnia”: A more mystical, wise lion look with a majestic mane and a kingly demeanor.


Tigers are loved for their fierce and striking appearance. They’re a fantastic choice for a bold, adventurous costume.

Base accessories: Striped outfit, a headband with ears, a tail, and face paint for the tiger stripes.

  • Shere Khan from “The Jungle Book”: A more menacing tiger costume with an elegant, commanding presence.
  • Tigger from “Winnie the Pooh”: A fun, bouncy costume with a springy tail and an exuberant, cheerful attitude.


Leopards are chosen for their sleek and graceful image. They’re perfect for a mysterious, elegant costume.

Base accessories: A spotted outfit, a tail, and a headband with small ears. Add some face paint for a wildcat look.

  • Bagheera from “The Jungle Book”: A wise, protective demeanor with a sleek, black-spotted costume.
  • Sabor from “Tarzan”: A more fearsome leopard look with sharp claws and an imposing stance.


Bats are a classic Halloween choice for their nocturnal and mysterious nature. They’re great for a spooky, gothic costume!

Base accessories: Black wings, a black outfit, ears on a headband, and possibly some fangs.

  • Batman: A superhero costume with a cape and cowl, embodying bravery and a brooding demeanor.
  • Dracula as a bat: A more classic, horror-themed costume with a cape and a sinister, elegant look.


Deer are chosen for their gentle, graceful nature. They’re perfect for a soft, enchanting costume.

Base accessories: Antlers headband, a brown outfit, a tail, and some white spots painted on the face and body.

  • Bambi from “Bambi”: A cute, innocent deer look with big, expressive eyes and a sweet, curious attitude.
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: A red nose, a cheerful disposition, and maybe a glowing accessory to represent the famous nose.


Pigs are chosen for their cute and comical image. They’re great for a playful, endearing costume.

Base accessories: Pink outfit, a pig nose accessory, ears on a headband, and a curly tail.

  • Piglet from “Winnie the Pooh”: A light pink outfit with stripes, a timid, sweet demeanor, and a small, pink scarf.
  • Peppa Pig: A bright, cartoonish pig costume with a red dress, and a friendly, outgoing personality.


Mice are a classic choice for their adorable and tiny appearance. They’re perfect for a cute, simple costume.

Base accessories: Gray or brown outfit, a mouse nose, whiskers, ears on a headband, and a long tail.

  • Mickey Mouse: Red shorts, large yellow shoes, white gloves, and a cheerful, optimistic attitude.
  • Jerry from “Tom and Jerry”: A more mischievous mouse look, perhaps carrying a piece of cheese as a prop.


Butterflies symbolize transformation and beauty. They’re chosen for their colorful and ethereal appearance.

Base accessories: Colorful wings, a headband with antennae, and a bright, patterned outfit.

  • Mariposa from “Barbie Mariposa”: A fairy-like butterfly costume with a tiara, wand, and a magical, graceful demeanor.
  • Butterfly from “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”: A more simplistic, childlike butterfly look, embodying a sense of wonder and discovery.


Turtles are chosen for their wise and patient image. They’re great for a calm, collected costume.

Base accessories: A shell backpack or wearable shell, a green outfit, and a headband with small eyes.


Fish are a fun choice for their diverse and colorful nature. They’re perfect for a bright, aquatic-themed costume.

Base accessories: A scaly, colorful outfit, fins, and a fish face mask or makeup.

  • Nemo from “Finding Nemo“: An orange and white clownfish costume with a “lucky fin” and an adventurous, brave spirit.
  • Dory from “Finding Nemo”: A blue and yellow outfit with a forgetful yet endearing personality.


Hamsters are chosen for their cute and cuddly appearance. They’re great for a soft, adorable costume.

Base accessories: A furry, brown or white outfit, small ears on a headband, and a tiny tail.

  • Hammy from “Over the Hedge”: A hyperactive, wide-eyed hamster look with a love for cookies and fast movements.
  • Rhino from “Bolt”: A more heroic hamster costume with a small, makeshift superhero cape and an adventurous attitude.


Pigeons are a quirky choice, symbolizing urban life and resourcefulness. They’re perfect for a unique, humorous costume.

Base accessories: Gray outfit, wings, a beak mask, and some feathery headgear.

  • Pigeon from “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!”: A more cartoonish pigeon look with large, expressive eyes and a persuasive, talkative demeanor.
  • Pigeon from “Animaniacs (Goodfeathers)”: A wise-guy, street-smart pigeon costume with a New York accent and an assertive attitude.


Parrots are chosen for their colorful feathers and mimicry ability. They’re great for a vibrant, talkative costume.

Base accessories: A multicolored outfit, a beak, and a feathered headpiece or wings.

  • Iago from “Aladdin”: A red and blue outfit, with a sarcastic, cunning personality.
  • Polly from various pirate stories: A more classic pirate parrot look, possibly with a pirate hat and a playful, squawking demeanor.


Camels are loved for their desert-dwelling resilience and unique appearance. They’re a hit for a more exotic, adventurous costume!

Base accessories: A hump (or two) backpack, a sandy-colored outfit, and a headband with small ears.

  • Camel from the Nativity scene: A traditional, wise, and patient camel look, often with a saddle and blankets.
  • Joe Camel (from old Camel cigarettes ads): A more adult-themed costume with sunglasses, a cool demeanor, and perhaps a mock-up of old-timey cigarette advertising.


Frogs are chosen for their jumping ability and their vibrant, varied appearances. They’re great for a playful, lively costume.

Base accessories: Green outfit, webbed gloves, a headband with large eyes, and a wide-mouthed mask or makeup.

  • Kermit the Frog from “The Muppets”: A simple green costume with a collar, and an optimistic, charming personality.
  • Frog from “Frog and Toad”: A more classic, storybook frog look with a vest and pants, embodying a friendly, thoughtful demeanor.


Flamingos are loved for their striking pink color and unique stance. They’re a hit for a flamboyant, elegant costume.

Base accessories: Pink feathered outfit, a long, curved neckpiece, and a headband with beak and eyes.

  • Flamingos from “Alice in Wonderland”: A whimsical, slightly surreal flamingo look with an ability to stand on one leg and a playful attitude.
  • Felicity from “Home on the Range”: A more sassy, outspoken flamingo costume with exaggerated eyelashes and a bold personality.


Pandas are chosen for their adorable, cuddly image. They’re perfect for a soft, endearing costume.

Base accessories: Black and white outfit, a headband with ears, and some face paint for the distinctive eye patches.

  • Po from “Kung Fu Panda”: A black and white costume with a martial arts belt, embodying a clumsy yet determined spirit.
  • Panda from “We Bare Bears”: A more relaxed, modern look with a smartphone or tablet accessory and a shy, sweet demeanor.


Snails are chosen for their unique shell and slow pace. They’re great for a quirky, whimsical costume.

Base accessories: A coiled shell backpack, a green or brown outfit, and a headband with small antennae.

  • Turbo from “Turbo”: A more adventurous snail costume with racing stripes on the shell and a fast, ambitious attitude.


Hedgehogs are loved for their spiky appearance and curious nature. They’re a hit for a cute, adventurous costume.

Base accessories: A spiky wig or hat, a brown outfit, and a small, cute nose.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: A blue outfit with red shoes, white gloves, and a fast, confident demeanor.
  • Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle from “Peter Rabbit”: A more traditional hedgehog look with a bonnet and apron, embodying a kind, helpful personality.


Gorillas are chosen for their impressive strength and intelligence. They’re great for a powerful, commanding costume.

Base accessories: A furry gorilla suit, a headpiece with facial features, and perhaps some fake muscles.

  • King Kong: A more intimidating, giant gorilla look with a focus on size and strength.

Some Bikini Bottom Sea Critters

“SpongeBob SquarePants” is a beloved animated TV show that has captivated audiences of all ages with its whimsical underwater world of Bikini Bottom. The characters’ distinct, colorful personalities make them excellent choices for dressing up, offering a fun and creative way to embody both their unique animal traits and their memorable character quirks.

SpongeBob SquarePants

  • A cheerful sea sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea. He’s known for his optimistic personality and his square, yellow appearance.
  • Costume: A yellow outfit with square pants, a red tie, white shirt, and black belt. Use face paint for his big, blue eyes and freckles, and a sponge-like texture for the costume.

Patrick Star

  • A pink starfish and SpongeBob’s best friend, known for his simple-mindedness and love for fun.
  • Costume: Pink bodysuit or shirt and shorts, with a starfish headpiece. Go barefoot to mimic his no-shoes look, and have a perpetually bewildered or joyful expression.

Squidward Tentacles

  • A grumpy, somewhat pretentious octopus who is SpongeBob’s neighbor and coworker. He dreams of being an artist and musician.
  • Costume: A light blue outfit with a bald cap or headpiece for his large, oval head. Add a prominent, long nose and use makeup to create his moody expression.

Mr. Krabs

  • A money-loving crab and the owner of the Krusty Krab. He’s known for being extremely frugal and often greedy.
  • Costume: A red outfit with a crab shell back, large eyes on stalks (headband), and claws for hands. Carry fake money or a miniature Krusty Krab sign.

Sandy Cheeks

  • A squirrel from Texas who lives underwater in an air dome. She’s known for her intelligence, athleticism, and Southern accent.
  • Costume: A space suit or air dome helmet, a tail, and a Texas-themed outfit. Add a karate belt or scientific gadgets for her adventurous and scientific nature.


  • A tiny green plankton and the main antagonist. He’s known for his constant failed attempts to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula.
  • Costume: A small, one-eyed green outfit or bodysuit. Use face paint for his single eye and an evil grin. Carry a mini Chum Bucket bucket or sign.

Gary the Snail

  • SpongeBob’s pet sea snail who communicates through cat-like meows. He’s known for his intelligence and emotional depth.
  • Costume: A snail shell backpack, a green outfit, and a headband with eye stalks. Use face paint to create a simple, snail-like face.

Pearl Krabs

  • Mr. Krabs’ teenage daughter, a whale known for her love of shopping and her teen spirit.
  • Costume: A large, whale-like outfit, possibly with a cheerleader theme. Use makeup to create a teen whale look, complete with a big, expressive whale smile.

Larry the Lobster

  • A muscular lobster known for being a lifeguard and fitness enthusiast at Goo Lagoon.
  • Costume: A red, muscular outfit with lobster claws and antennae. Carry a lifeguard float or wear sunglasses to emphasize his beach lifeguard role.

Mrs. Puff

  • SpongeBob’s boating school teacher, a pufferfish who is often stressed due to SpongeBob’s driving.
  • Costume: A round, puffy outfit with spikes, a simple dress, and a headpiece to mimic her puffed-up look. Carry a steering wheel or a “Boating School” sign.

More Ways To Customize Your Animal Costume

If you’re anything like us, you may already have a set of ears or a mask from a previous Halloween lying around. Whether you wanna recycle or revamp, we’ve got a few tips to jump-start your creative spark!

  • Idioms about animals make for some great wordplay-based costumes. For example: a pair of bull horns and a priest’s uniform make a “Holy Cow”, mouse ears with athletic garb and a marathon number could be a member of the “Rat Race”, etc… or just go as a regular elephant, and you’ll become the “Elephant in the Room”!
  • Speaking of wordplay, you can do this with puns as well. In fact, the worse the pun, the funnier the costume. For example: if you have cat accessories, it would be funny to go as “Doja Cat”, but it would be way funnier to be “Catthew McConaughey”. People will pretend it’s terrible, but deep down they’ll think you’re a beautiful genius.
  • Wanna create a character costume using your everyday wardrobe? Consider shows like Animaniacs, Bojack Horseman, and Aggretsuko for inspiration- they all feature anthropomorphic animals in street clothes! (Turns out most fictional realms with talking animals almost always have them in fantasy armor or naked. Huh.)
  • No accessories at all? Create your own fake ears with cardboard, scissors, glue, and large hair clips or headbands! For tails, you can stuff old socks or stockings and tie them around your belt loop, or use a safety pin.

Ready To Horse Around?

It’s never too early to start prepping your costume! Don’t forget to browse our ridiculously large selection of animal costumes and accessories!