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SantaCon NYC FAQ Guide. Everything You Need To Know

There’s nothing like Christmas in New York. It’s an iconic experience filled with magical events that kicks off with the Thanksgiving Day Parade and last straight through to New Year’s Eve. SantaCon is one of the hottest new events storming into New York City during the Christmas Season. Whether you’re a resident New Yorker, or you just want to visit the Big Apple during the Christmas season, SantaCon is a must-see event geared more toward adults than children.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at some of the important details that will help you make the most out of your SantaCon experience. This starts with asking and answering some important questions while wearing your Santacon Santa Suit.

What Is SantaCon?

SantaCon is a non-political, charitable event during the Christmas season, that is geared toward adults. It involves droves of grown men and women who dress up as Santa and partake in events such as the annual bar crawl, gingerbread cookies, and other festive holiday events with a mature theme to them.

Should I Bring My Kids To SantaCon?

There is a fair amount of alcohol consumption involved in SantaCon, which probably makes it ill-advised to bring children. Especially kids who might still happen to believe in Santa Claus.

Where Is SantaCon Held?

SantaCon starts at Father Duffy Square in Times Square between West 46th and West 47th street where they meet with Broadway and 7th Avenue. From there SantaCon organizers move the throngs of people through bars all over New York City, the East Village, and Manhattan. These are bars that are supporting the event, and not all bars in the area participate. So, it’s best to follow the coordination of the organizers!

Where Can I Get Updates On SantaCon?

You can get updates on SantaCon by following their Twitter account at . More updates come out the closer we get to the event date. You can also watch the SantaCon website at or follow them on Facebook at

Is There A Cost To Join SantaCon?

A lot of the bars that are participating in SantaCon have free admission. However, some special event venues require a $10 to $15 admission fee in the form of a Santa Badge. This is a one-time purchase that will get you through the door into special festivities. All proceeds are given to the SantaCon charity mission.

Is The Santa Badge Worth It?

The Santa Badge at SantaCon elevates your experience above the common throng of bar crawlers in St. Nick garb. It’s pretty much a “Must Have” item if it’s your first time at SantaCon.

It gets you access to premium experiences including DJ floors, holiday decoration events, Rudolph’s Red Ranger, and other festivities. Then you can take the Santa Badge home with you as a SantaCon Souvenir.

Is There A Dress Code For SantaCon?

Technically, you are required to dress up for SantaCon. However, this can be as simple as a red sweater, or a fake elf hat with ears. Though if you take the more mundane route, you might find that you stick out in the crowd, as a lot of people see this as an excuse to go all out!.

From there it’s a matter of your comfort level. Some people believe that less is more for an event like this. Just bear in mind that it is still New York City in December, with a fair amount of walking outdoors. So, perhaps Santa-themed layers are a good idea.

There are also a lot of people who see this as an opportunity to get creative with what a Santa Costume can look like. A festooned beard, fun costume accessories, glitter, and even body lights are all within bounds, and sure to help you stick out from the rest of the crowd!

Should I Eat Before SantaCon?

There’s a fair amount of alcohol consumption involved with SantaCon, so a good breakfast will help keep you on your feet. Then make sure to pace yourself throughout the day and evening to enjoy everything the night has to bring.

What Should I Bring With Me To SantaCon?

You should bring your ID, as well as a fair amount of cash in a secure pouch, purse, or wallet. You should also bring a sense of adventure. Charging stations are somewhat rare in this area, so be sure to have a full battery on your phone or bring a power bank. Especially if you’re going to be relying on GPS technology to get around the city.

If you’re going to be staying away from Time’s Square at a hotel, and you’re concerned about your ability to navigate the Big Apple while inebriated at the end of the night, you might want to also bring a piece of paper with the address of your hotel written on it.

Can I Bring Alcohol On Buses & Trains?

A lot of the mass transit systems in the New York City area ban alcohol consumption on their trains and rides during SantaCon. This includes the Long Island Railroad, the Metro-North Railroad, and the NJ Transit System.