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Share Our New Custom Sticker & Win $100 Shopping Spree!

Abracadabra NYC is launching a sharing contest where YOU can win $100 worth of stuff from our store, the ultimate New York City destination. We challenge our loyal fans to put the stickers on personal belongings, schwag, books, bookbags, laptops, etc, to show off that you love Abracadabra NYC. Tourists from around the world flock to our shop and love taking pictures in front of the iconic gargoyle that has for so long been our mascot! Often touted by celebrities & patrons as the most unique store in the world, we pride ourselves on the unusual products we sell which are not just for Halloween. Our professional make-up artists on staff can make you look like a monstrous Tik Tok star! Or visit our entire floor dedicated to Hollywood caliber costumes and accessories. In addition, we have unique gift & decor products that will keep you & your friends entertained for weeks.

Custom Sticker Company Came Through!

We don’t do this often, but it felt important to give a shout out to our friends who helped us with our urgent, last-minute need for custom printing. Our appearance at Horror Con in Atlantic City this past April called for this kind of urgency. We needed these quick, and one company came through when others couldn’t. Our store ordered a selection of stickers, and various other printed materials to be branded with our Abracadabra NYC logo and slogan, “The World’s Most Unique Store in the Heart of New York City“. And we totally are! Sticker Mule is the company that came through for us! They completely cater to their clients’ necessities and did not disappoint when we needed them most.

For us, they created a simple magnet with our quintessential gargoyle symbol surrounded by the store logo. The two versions of stickers made were equally exceptional. One is actually in the shape of the barbarian downspout that clearly exemplifies our business.

The stickers and magnets are professionally designed and look incredible! We cannot recommend Sticker Mule more! They rushed our order even when they were overwhelmed with other business, and ours was a last minute ask. Props to them for that!

The Sticker Challenge #stickercadabra

With all the iconic stickers produced, we thought why not a giveaway contest for our loyal fans?! That’s where we came up with the $100 gift card #stickercadabra challenge. Abracadabra NYC fans can adorn their belongings with our iconic, highly sought after, stickers that customers grab each time they visit our store. Our logo has been a cult classic for decades and we intend on this tradition to continue. This is why we are putting our readers and shoppers up to a very cool challenge!

You can purchase a sticker pack online or come into the store where you can get some free with any purchase. We want you to attach them all over the place! Wherever you want, get creative! Show them off! Post pictures of them in “the real world” on all of your social media. Instagram, tik tok……. Then tag us #stickercadabra, and some of you will be selected to win a $100 Abracadabra NYC gift card! We’re really excited to see the innovative ways you guys complete this dare! Between now and Halloween 2022, we will look out for this tag across all social media platforms where multiple lucky winners will be randomly selected to get a $100 gift card you can use on ANY and ALL of the merchandise we carry. Have fun with it! Get weird and wild. Good day, and good luck!